How to Build Link Pyramids?

The major concept behind link pyramid is to have few high quality blogs that can produce direct links with your website. This pyramid is developed with different tiers and this sequence can be extended up to infinity as per your target. The major criteria is to provide better links between all tiers so that they can stay connected and Google Spiders can find better way to crawl to your terminal. It is possible to achieve great results for search engine ranking using such a powerful network with link pyramid features.



Working on Tier 1:

The very first task is to choose top 10 highly ranked blogs that can be accessed on tier 1. You can prefer to choose Jimbo, Tumbler, WordPress and bcz etc. Note that, one need to pick limited of them because if you have more that go beyond your management abilities then also it will create negative impact. Once you have selected the top terminals then you have to manage regular posts on these free blogs. It is not necessary to update it daily, you can update weekly or monthly; naturally you will get rewards as per your efforts. These blogs can help you to get higher attention from Google Search Engine results and naturally your money site will be credited higher.

Always prefer to use manageable size for the first tier because here you need to add more focus to quality of content. Making efforts to improve performance over these top rated blogs will help you to become more powerful over internet.

Working on Tier 2:

Now the task is to create backlinks on tier 2 but here you need to know one interesting concept. Multiple tier 2 links are connected to tier 1 links so you have to manage your blogs in that range. Although, this multiple linking process has some overlapping but one should not use similar kind of outlinking patterns. Prefer to add few links from outgoing authority to each preferred blog that has links of several websites (not specifically of yours. Yeah! It’s true that you need not to make efforts to promote your competitor but you need to use quality management techniques at this stage. The sites must have more information about your specific product or service. As you are going to use same blog platforms for both these tiers so you have to use techniques to enlarge this network.


Generating links on both tiers is good in its own way but the most essential task is to internet both these tiers. For example if you are focusing over 5 links on tier one then you have to use at least 10 to 20 percent higher links on tier 2 and they must be linked to tier 1. This technique helps to boost possibilities for Google spider crawling and it will naturally achieve higher ranking for your website. Always prefer to use high quality content for linking so that Google can find them more relevant and prefer to index your content.