About Us

New-lingo.com is an initiative by the team of the individuals who have joined hands to aware the society about the importance of education and healthy food to the children of various age groups. The mothers and even the academic institutions can refer our blog section to read more about our team’s initiative. We are keen to provide the perfect knowledge of the nutrition and educational aspects with the extensive research.

Our Important Goals

New-lingo.com helps in creating awareness in the society through their blogs and provides advice about children and food to the mothers. This will help them in providing the basic nutrition that will help the children to grow in a healthy manner. The goals of our team are as follows:

  • Increase the knowledge about the local and healthy food items.
  • Connect to the best food producers that are available in and around the city who distributes healthy food for the children.
  • Promote nutritious eating culture among the children.
  • The varied varieties of vegetables and fruits that should be provided to the children of different age groups.
  • Provide knowledge about the dietary requirements of the children and how to deal with the under nutrition problems in children.

For more information on health and nutrition of children, please visit new-lingo.com blog section.