Role of Technology in the Child Education

Technology plays a versatile role in every field nowadays be it a scientific research, IT sector, online shopping and even teaching line as well. Technology also plays a vital role in educating the students as the smart classes, projectors, etc. are used to teach the children. Even the child teaching is imparted through motivational and educational movies too. It is seen that with the help of visualization, the children learn fast as compared to the theoretical teaching.

Providing Excellent Educational Quality


With the usage of the modern technology, the academic quality has also improved as children are taught with the help of reading tablets and smart apps. Moreover, modish classes are used to develop the cognitive skills of the children. The child education is imparted in many private and even government schools with the usage of new technology.

Most of the lectures are imparted to the children through the internet with the usage of the visual aids and the video lessons. These all things make the education par excellent and add the tint of creativity for the students as well as teachers too. The technology usage has brought the people closer from various educational institutions from across the globe on one platform. Here they can exchange their views and ideas for creating best of an educational platform for the students.


Coping up with the Challenges


In today’s time, where everything is modernized and people can come close with just a click so education is also not left behind. However, with the inclusion of modern technology for child education there are many challenges that the educators have to face. The technology usage should be within the limits so that it does not put an adverse effect on the children. They should also use their learning and creative skills for doing their work.

Even while searching for the things from the internet they should be under the strict supervision of parents and the caregivers. In schools, some sites should be banned by the authorities that have implicit content, as this will affect the small brains. The technology should be used by the teachers and the educators, but within the limits as the excessive dependence may hamper the logical thinking of the children.

Therefore, it can be seen that though technology plays an important role in educating the child whether at home or at schools but it should be the responsibility of the teachers and parents to keep a strict vigil. Even the children should not be made addicted to it, as they will not concentrate on co-curricular activities and playing which is equally important for child’s growth.

Raising Resilient Children with Important Parenting Tips

Parenthood is one of the difficult times in one’s life as no child is alike and parents have to deal with different ages of children in the same home. It may take the cool away from most of the parents, as they are not able to deal with their children. In this situation, the advice about children becomes necessary from the psychologist. The experts are well versed with the child’s behavior and help the parents to know about their child’s problem. There are many significant parenting tips that the parents or the newbie parents of the toddlers need to know to raise a happy and intelligent child. Here are some of the prominent parenting tips:


Involvement in Child’s Life


It is important to get yourself engaged in your child’s life. This will help in knowing about the priorities, and the things that child is learning at the school. Parents should help their children in their learning process and help them to solve the difficult problems that the child is facing. Parents should keep a check on the things that the child is learning from the school and the surroundings.


Avoiding Harsh Attitude towards Children


Parents should not hit their children or slap them in any circumstances. It will rupture the children’s mindset, and lead them into a dreadful company most of the times. Parents should make their children understand about the bad things and how to cope with them. With harsh attitude, the children may use aggression to solve their problems or disputes with others.


Treating Children with Respect


The other advice about children provided by the experts is that the Parents should treat their children with respect and talk with them in a polite manner. They should listen to them and their opinions so that the child can be guided about bad things and appreciated for the good deeds. This will motivate the child to talk politely with others and possess the sympathetic attitude toward other people too.


Maintaining Friendly Relation


This is one of the important things that the Parents should possess that means maintaining gracious relation with their child so that they can speak about their problems with you. The parents should not be dominating as this will lead their children towards the bad company, or they may develop some neurological and psychological problems too.

Lastly, it can be seen that the advice about children helps the parents and the newbie parents to move on rightly with their toddlers or small children. Even with these tips, one can cope with their teenage and adult children who are facing problems in their lives.

Guiding Parents to Provide Child Healthy Food

Parents are always concerned about the eating habits of their children as most of the children like to have junk food that is not good for their health. The unhealthy food may cause diseases that can worsen their health further. For this, the parents should take the advice of the nutritionists for giving the child healthy food that will increase their immunity power and help the children to become strong as well. Even the nutritious food will help them to remain physically fit and support their development too.


Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits


It is necessary in the present times for children to have healthy food so that their growth is not disrupted, and they can possess a good mental and physical health. The child healthy food made by the mothers will help them to forget the junk food. It is important to get the healthy recipes provided by the experts or the mothers can take the notes from the online experts too. Well! These good eating habits will surely take away the stress of the parents whose children are not taking the proper vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and green vegetables in their meals. Most of the nutritious foods that the parents can refer are-


  • Eggless Atta Cake: Surprise your children with this healthy cake recipe made with cinnamon, nuts, yogurt, jiggery, and wheat flour.
  • Fruit Smoothie: Most of the children are not in the habit of taking the fruit. Hence, with melon, grapes, blended kiwi, honey, milk, oats, and papaya, children can get a great fruit smoothie. This can be served as a part of healthy breakfast or between meals as well.
  • Wheat Pasta with Mushroom Sauce: The whole-wheat pasta will make a yummy and delicious food for the children. One can toss in green veggies with a puree and can decorate it with the mushroom sauce.
  • Ragi Cookies: It is the rich source of calcium, and children will feel delighted with these baked cookies. These cookies can be passed easily as the chocolate cookies as they turn brown in color when roasted. The mothers can try out the raisin and oatmeal cookies too.
  • Vegetable Soups: Children may not like eating vegetables, and they may be lacking in protein or iron intake. For this, parents can cook healthy vegetable soups, and cream can be added for extra yummy taste.


Lastly, the parents should seek for the expert healthy food advice for their children online specialist or the dieticians in order to improve the fitness of their children.

Bringing out Potential of Children with Child Education

The child potential can only be taken out of them by teaching them the right prospects through the exact education. By imparting the formal and informal education, one can teach the children about the varied aspects of life, and they can go explore the opportunities in their lives too. As it is the 21st century, so the child education is related to the preparing of the children for the schools, colleges, and further higher studies. This will also help them to cope with the challenges they may face in the future.

Education-An Essential Right


With the introduction of new laws and regulations for promoting education for children, the schools need to enroll the children from the age prescribed by the government of every country. Most of the children may not afford the basic and elementary education so for that government bodies have set up the schools across the globe of respective countries. Even the UNICEF schools have come up in many countries for the promotion of child education to bring out the creative and learning the potential of children. Here are some of the points that should be considered for imparting education to children:-

  • The teachers should follow effective teaching practice so that they can handle the intelligent, creative and slow learners side by side and in an efficient manner.
  • The children should do early school learning so that when they enter the school, they should be aware of the basic things that will be taught in the schools. For this, the community and private schools through seminars give parents due to guidance.
  • The creativity of the child can be taken out with the help of the artistic things like dance, drawing, music, painting, drama and other things. This will help them to do perform in a better way in the school and higher classes. Even most of the schools across the globe have made the teaching of the part the important part of their curriculum.
  • The logical reasoning is also must for children at an early stage so the parents, and most of the volunteers are encouraged them to learn math after the school hours too.

Lastly, it can be seen that the nearly 70% of the child education program devised by the schools and community centers of the government have helped in the development of the physical, learning, cognitive, linguistic and social skills of the children. This will also help them in the long run as they can select the subjects for their higher studies according to their choice.